DELL pre-installation Red Hat release for PE 2550 with PERC3/Di RAID

Henrik Hammer Pedersen hhp at
Tue Mar 19 07:04:00 CST 2002


we have recently purchased a DELL PowerEdge 2550 with PERC3/Di RAID controller used in a RAID-5 configuration with 3 discs. For now we are
using the PE for prototyping and performance testing. The plan is to use DELL PE 2550 servers and DELL PW 530 workstations later for a satellite
mission control system if we can validate the stability and performance of the system satisfactorily.

We initially selected not to have the server pre-installed with RedHat Linux as we due to other software constraints would
prefer to run SuSe Linux 7.3 We are using other software sofar only tested against SuSe 7.3 and to make our life easier we have sofar chosen to 
use SuSe 7.3.

We have however had a fair deal of problems with installing and running the PE 2550 with SuSe 7.3 (the latest problem being that the
PE 2550 hangs during file system checks on boot-up and only a hard reset will cure this problem. Sometimes we are not able to get the server
booted again -:( ).

Due to these problems we are now strongly considering moving to RedHat Linux to acquire an installation as it would have been delivered from DELL
had we ordered it with RedHat Linux pre-installed. We have contacted DELL Support in Denmark where the machines were bought to get information on
how to get hold of the RedHat installation that DELL is using when pre-installing linux. Surprisingly and quite unsatisfactorily we have not been able to get
an even remotely clear answer from DELL support DK, they just simply doesn't seem to know !!

Can any of you out there tell me, which version of RedHat would be pre-installed by DELL on a PE 2550 with PERC3/Di RAID controller or which version is
to be recommended for use with the PE 2550 configuration we have.

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