A Fun Sunday at work - Not!

Basil Hussain basil.hussain at kodakweddings.com
Mon Mar 18 11:05:00 CST 2002


> AFAIK the personel was somewhat impressed by the loudness of the bang.

In a previous job, a collegue brought a friend's PC in to work for me to
upgrade the graphics card. So, I opened up the case, swapped graphics cards,
replaced the case, plugged-in, turned power on at the wall switch and...

I don't know what component it is in PSUs that causes this, but they do go
off like a firecracker. I presume it's not an in-built fuse, seeing as fuses
melt and not explode!

For some reason, the small switch on the PSU had indeed been set to 120V -
so it blew as soon as I applied 240V (I'm in the UK). Whoever this friend of
his was, I have no idea how he was using it set to 120!

For some reason, the poor guy couldn't face showing up to his friend with a
dead PC, so he shelled out ?20 from his own pocket to get a new PSU...


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