A Fun Sunday at work - Not!

Sigbjorn Strommen sigbjorn.strommen at roxar.com
Mon Mar 18 10:41:01 CST 2002

Seth Mos wrote:

> Was it redundant? I have seen a lot of el cheapo power supply's and I have
> worked through about 8 so far.

Yep, redundant PS.

> I have no failed Dell PowerEdge power supply's yet (8 servers) and I
> believe 2 power supply's in the 90+ dell desktops that we have. I would say
> that the Dell PSU's are relatively good.

I hope so.  This particular setup will be a *very* central piece of
hardware for this office, so in a way I've been lucky that I've had
so many other problems with it that I had not yet managed to put
1.5 TB worth of data and user home areas on it :-/

> >If I learn that a particular brand of hardware is more likely to fail
> >then another, then I can do something about it...
> Even the best can fail.

Sure.  That's what I ...eh... hope for.

> It fails within 3 months or it takes 5+ years for something to fail. That
> is my experience.

I've had it changed now, and it seems to be running OK.  If this
was a common failure on the PowerVaults/PowerEdge I would have tried
to isolate them on a dedicated UPS.


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