Bill Pitz dell at billpitz.com
Thu Mar 14 18:59:00 CST 2002

On Thursday 14 March 2002 10:11 am, you wrote:
> Another individual had contacted me yesterday from dell through the list
> and explained what I had done wrong.  The disk itself appears to be fine,
> but my command parameters for "disk remove dead_partitions" was incorrect. 
> I was missing a zero.
> I appreciate the help, it is up and happy now.
> I am concerned as this is not the first 2500 with RedHat to do this on me. 
> I am systematically converting a 10 location Microsoft shop over to Linux. 
> I have just finished the first two and in both situations the drive failed
> (not physical disk) with in two weeks of the install.  The fist server I
> was able to take care of with the container scrub command.
> I haven't lost my confidence, as I have used Perc in NetWare and NT
> environments several times over the last 4 years.  But I am concerned with
> the linux module.
> I will continue to work with aacraid and patiently educate myself on its
> ins and outs.  Suggestions are welcome.

I think you've just got to be really careful with it.  I've only been working 
with the PERC for about a month now, but I've been very impressed with it so 
far.  (I've been using Mylex stuff for a couple of years.)

Security-wise, you'll be better off this way, but I'm sure you already know 
that :-)  The aacraid driver, as with most of the advanced features of Linux, 
is still a work in progress and is bound to have some bugs.  Are you doing 
anything specific that might be different from the stock installation on both 
of those machines?


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