megaraid snmpwalk data

John Reuning john at
Thu Mar 14 10:47:00 CST 2002

I'm one of the many folks who runs Linux on Dell servers in a data center. 
Since I've not found a good remote monitoring program, I'm writing a 
Netsaint plugin that collects logical and physical drive status via snmp. 
It works fine on machines with one controller card, but I'd like to make it 
flexible enough to handle multiple controllers and multiple logical drives.

I think I understand what an snmpwalk will look like, but I'd prefer to 
have some live data.  If someone out there has access to a machine with 
more than one perc card and multiple logical drives defined for each one, 
could you please send me a full snmpwalk of the . subtree. 
Also, if there are other crazy configurations I might not have envisioned, 
feel free to send them, too. :)

BTW, if you're interested, the plugin is in perl and will be GPL released. 
I've been happy with Netsaint, but you could probably adapt the plugin to 
another package.

Many thanks,

-John Reuning

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