Dell PE2550 and RedHat Linux 7.1 & kernel upgrade Matt_Domsch at
Thu Mar 14 09:51:00 CST 2002

Copying back to the list so others can benefit as well.

> As per your advice, I think I will upgrade the kernel to 2.4.9-31.
> However, a colleague of mine tells me that he had problems 
> upgarding the kernel on the PE2550 when he tried a while ago.
> Are there any issues?

Errata kernels 2.4.9-{6,7,12,13,21} had problems specifically with the
aacraid driver, which have been resolved in the 2.4.9-31 errata kernel.  If
your colleague tried using those kernels, he may have experienced problems.
These are documented on in the aacraid section.

> Could I just download the
> and upgrade the kernel that way

That should work fine.

> Do I need to upgrade any other packages beforehand?

Possibly.  Red Hat Network 'up2date' application is your friend here.  It
(by default) won't upgrade your kernel, but it will upgrade all the other
apps on which the kernel may be dependent (typically modutils and/or
mkinitrd need to be updated).
> Do you have any documentation on the "best" way to upgrade my kernel?
> Apologies if these are basic questions, I have been using Linux for a
> while on my laptop but this is the first time I've used it on smp
> machines in a production environment and am so understandably cautious
> about this upgrade.

Indeed, caution is always warrented.  In that case I strongly recommend you
purchase a support contract, either from Dell (Gold or higher) Premier
Services, or from Red Hat directly.  They can assist you personally in the
event something doesn't work properly in your upgrade.


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