ServerAssistant daemons hanging

Michael E Brown michael_e_brown at
Wed Mar 13 19:52:01 CST 2002

	This sounds like a serious bug. Can we get this guy in touch with
the right people on the OMSA team to get this looked at? We may have to
file a Teamtrack issue.

	Just to verify, are you running the 2.4.7-10 kernel? If you are,
we have a much better chance of making sure this gets the attention it

Michael Brown
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On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Les Niles wrote:

> We're building a product based on the PowerEdge 6450,
> running RedHat 7.2.  A process runs every minute to
> gather health and statistics info on each box, to
> report to our system controller.  It invokes
> omreport several times, to collect temperatures,
> voltages, etc.
> When the box is under heavy load, one of the dcstor32d
> processes hangs.  To be specific, it goes into an
> uninterruptible sleep (status "D").  Once this
> happens, omreport also hangs but can be killed.  The
> hung dcstor32d cannot be killed.  All the other
> dellomsa daemons can be restarted, but that doesn't
> really solve the problem: omreport then reports "No
> temperature probes [or whatever] found on this system."
> It seems to take a few minutes of heavy load before
> the dcstor32d hangs.  By "heavy load" I mean roughly
> that 1 CPU in the dual CPU box is fully occupied by a
> process; the other CPU is not heavily loaded and the
> box remains generally responsive.  Within a few minutes
> after the heavy load disappears, the hung dcstor32d
> clears itself, at least some of the time.
> Has anyone seen this kind of problem, and more usefully,
> found a solution?  Is there a way to collect the hardware
> health information -- voltages, fan speeds, temperatures,
> and power supplies' health -- without going through
> the daemon?  Like a published or reverse-engineered
> API to the esm driver?
> Les Niles
> Narus, Inc.
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