poweredge,cluster and external shared SCSI device.

Brown, Michael E Michael_E_Brown at dell.com
Wed Mar 13 13:18:00 CST 2002

Please see notes below. Also understand that we have seen SCSI timeout
problems with this configuration under Linux when trying to qualify this
configuration with some commercial HA products. We were never able to
qualify whether or not it was a hardware problem or a problem with the
kernel they were using. Please proceed with extreme caution before
putting something like this in production. 
Michael Brown
Linux Solutions
Dell Computer

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> Hi Michael,
> Thanks for the tips. Last question: is it better to define two logical
> drives with one partition in each (the config I explained 
> before) or one

This would be more likely to work correctly.

> logical drive with two partitions (/dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2, always
> assuming that one partition will be mounted by one node only 
> at the same
> time) ? Perhaps it does not matter...

This would be less likely to work correctly.
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