poweredge,cluster and external shared SCSI device.

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> Subject: poweredge,cluster and external shared SCSI device.
> Hi,
> I need to create a linux cluster with two nodes and an external shared
> storage. This storage is a Dell Powervalut 210S, controlled by a RAID
> device on each host (each node has a PERC3 controller). Each node is a
> PowerEdge 2550.
> I would like to create an active/active cluster, one node running
> apache,
> the other mysql. In case of failure of a node, the other will run the
> two services until the first comes up gain.
> I know that since the RAID is done on each node, I cannot create only
> one filesystem with the database and the web pages. So I need 
> to create
> two filesystems, one containing the database, the other the web pages.
> What is the best to do on the powervault :
> 1) create one RAID logical drive with the two partitions ?
> 2) Or create two RAID logical drive with one paritition on each ?
> Do you know if these two solutions can run safely without data
> corruptions ? I plan to use redhat 7.2. The advantage of the first 
> solution is that I need only 3 HD drives for RAID5. With the second 
> one, with two logical drives I need HD 6 drives for RAID5.
> Do you have some advices ?
> Thanks a lot for your help,
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