Kernel Panic with PowerEdge 2450 on Debian woody rvt at
Wed Mar 13 05:24:59 CST 2002

Hi Antoine,

I would not recommend using woody on any system. Instead I would suggest run 
a potato systen with one off the 2.4.x series kernel.
I would suggest using the 2.4.17 kernel since it alreqdy contains the necesarry 
raid drivers. I use it on the servers I have setup without a problem.

For the rest unfortunatly I cannot help you but telling what my systen runs.


Citeren Antoine Nivard <Antoine.Nivard at>:

> Hello,
> I have a PowerEdge 2450 with a Debian and the system freeze randomly
> I don't know what can I do?
> I erased the FAT(Dell) partition, it's ok?
> And I don't have the rescue CD(Dell)!
> Thanks 
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