Ok. another one.

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Look around and do some research on the vm in 2.4 kernel and you will find
your answers.  The vm in kernels up to 2.4.9 had serious problems with large
memory amounts and dealing with swapping from memory to paging file.  There
has been lots of headway made with Rik Van Riel's -rmap patches which Alan
Cox includes in his patches for 2.4.18 and higher and also Andreas Arkelangi
sp. patches for 2.4.18 as well.  If you look at the history for the linux
kernel mailing list you can find info on these and the locations of the
patches as well.  Alan Cox's can be found at the kernel.org people folders
in the Alan folder.  In the history of the kernel mailing list is tons of
emails about these very issues that you are having.

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8450, 8 processors, presently 4 gig of ram.  16 gig of swap in 8 swap files.

run away process causes top, PS, etc. etc to crash.  Hangs my process
(shell, everything involving my own shell).  

process 24643 in the /proc folder, unable to view files to see the
application.  Can not kill -HUP or kill -9 the process.

Present load average...

10:38am  up 17:52,  5 users,  load average: 99.66, 98.15, 94.07

client will not let me reboot the box either.


__alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed.

in dmesg...


Daniel Beaudoin

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