PE 2550, RH 7.1 & Serial Console

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In my case, this is turned on.  I have 2550's and I believe the
is 2550 specific.  In another post, Michael Brown of Dell mentions that
the BIOS development teams are different for each platform which sort of
explains why each product has its own personality...

Marc Mondragon

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Any particular reason you don't just turn on Console Redirection in the
bios?  I have 2 2450s and they are running bios vA07 and have Console
Redirection turned on and didn't have to do squat with Linux as it is
handled by the hardware.  I have access both locally and through the serial
port.  I have access to the console from the second the machine gets power.
I don't have any 2550s so maybe there is some reason that I am not aware of.


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> On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Marc Mondragon wrote:
> > I'm also guessing that if lilo gets updated at some point in the future
> > I might to need to add the serial line to lilo.conf?
> The Red Hat Linux 7.2 anaconda installer upgrades /etc/lilo.conf and
> /etc/grub.conf correctly when they are configured for serial consoles.
> The installer tries to touch the configuration file as little as possible.
> When you are prompted for the "kernel parameters" by the installer
> remember to enter
>   console=ttyS0,9600n81
> or whatever you are using (this also applies to ide=nodma and other kernel
> parameters that you may use).
> Upgrading a kernel RPM works.  The serial configuration of lilo.conf or
> grub.conf is maintained and the previous kernel parameters are carried
> forward into the definition of the new kernel.
> Glen
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