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Stephan Wonczak a0033 at
Tue Mar 12 08:00:00 CST 2002

  Hi Daniel!

On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, Daniel Beaudoin wrote:

> Hi;
> 	I have a Dell PowerVault 8450, 8 processors at 700 mhz each, 8 gig
> of ram with the two internal disks mirrored, one RAID 5 set and two JBOD's.
> My present problem is my swap file is 12 GIG in size but Linux will only use

  This one's easy: You can't use swap spaces>2GB on i386
architectures. If you want to use more swap you have to specify more than
one swap partition/file. According to the mkswap manpage you can use up to
8 areas, giving you 16G of swap.

> 2.
> 	As well, after a short period of time, my system goes into a state
> that if I run "ps", "who" "top" etc. (seems to be anything that uses the
> /proc folder) the process hangs.  I am unable to break out of it.  If I kill
> the process, I still do not get a prompt.  But I can go to another window
> and use the system still.
> 	Any ideas?

  Nope, no idea. Maybe related to the swap mentioned above? btw, which
kernel are you using?

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