PE 2550, RH 7.1 & Serial Console

Bob Staaf rstaaf at
Mon Mar 11 18:58:00 CST 2002

Any particular reason you don't just turn on Console Redirection in the
bios?  I have 2 2450s and they are running bios vA07 and have Console
Redirection turned on and didn't have to do squat with Linux as it is
handled by the hardware.  I have access both locally and through the serial
port.  I have access to the console from the second the machine gets power.
I don't have any 2550s so maybe there is some reason that I am not aware of.


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> On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Marc Mondragon wrote:
> > I'm also guessing that if lilo gets updated at some point in the future
> > I might to need to add the serial line to lilo.conf?
> The Red Hat Linux 7.2 anaconda installer upgrades /etc/lilo.conf and
> /etc/grub.conf correctly when they are configured for serial consoles.
> The installer tries to touch the configuration file as little as possible.
> When you are prompted for the "kernel parameters" by the installer
> remember to enter
>   console=ttyS0,9600n81
> or whatever you are using (this also applies to ide=nodma and other kernel
> parameters that you may use).
> Upgrading a kernel RPM works.  The serial configuration of lilo.conf or
> grub.conf is maintained and the previous kernel parameters are carried
> forward into the definition of the new kernel.
> Glen
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