PE 2550, RH 7.1 & Serial Console

Glen Turner glen.turner at
Mon Mar 11 18:39:00 CST 2002

On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Marc Mondragon wrote:

> I'm also guessing that if lilo gets updated at some point in the future
> I might to need to add the serial line to lilo.conf?

The Red Hat Linux 7.2 anaconda installer upgrades /etc/lilo.conf and
/etc/grub.conf correctly when they are configured for serial consoles.  
The installer tries to touch the configuration file as little as possible.
When you are prompted for the "kernel parameters" by the installer
remember to enter


or whatever you are using (this also applies to ide=nodma and other kernel
parameters that you may use).

Upgrading a kernel RPM works.  The serial configuration of lilo.conf or
grub.conf is maintained and the previous kernel parameters are carried
forward into the definition of the new kernel.


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