Reboot needed for glibc upgrade? Matt_Domsch at
Mon Mar 11 09:17:00 CST 2002

> I'm just contemplating updating one or two servers running 
> RH7.0 so that
> they have glibc 2.2, in order that I can upgrade a few other 
> bits and bobs.
> I'll be doing it via RPM.

Going from glibc 2.1.94 to 2.2.4 should be OK, as 2.1.94 was very very
nearly 2.2.x.
> I have one question. Should I reboot the server after performing the
> upgrade? Or will I only need to start/restart anything that 
> depends on glibc
> 2.2? I'm guessing that'll be nothing right now, as 
> 2.1-dependant stuff is
> all that is present. I'm planning on upgrading Apache, 
> mod_ssl, PHP, etc.
> later though, all of which require glibc 2.2 - so will I only need to
> restart Apache?

The way it *should* work is that apps running depending on 2.1.94 will still
be running (all using their shared copy of glibc), but once they exit and
restart (or you reboot), they'll pick up the new glibc library.  That's the
idea at least.

Good backups are always a good idea though! :-)

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