OpenManage - SNMP upgrade with Dell MIB support???

ジム・キャロウェイ carraway at
Mon Mar 11 02:02:01 CST 2002

Realized that if you remove the mod_ssl package from Apache, you can get the desired 
result but that doesn't help when you have a server using it.  Anyone got any ideas?

Thank you Joshua.

In all this mess, it came down to not knowing that Dell had come out 
with a new version of dellomsa.  We were using 4.41 and not 4.51.
Now that everything works, I have more questions.

How do you turn off the web server administrator interface?  On Dell|Talk
there was a post about custom installation. Any clues?

Plus when OpenManage was running the number of processes skyrocketed.  From
an average of 65 to about145.  Is that normal??

Thanks for the help in advance.


Joshua_Giles at さんは書きました:
>Which rpm package did you use?  Make sure it's the errata that Red Hat
>released @
>You did install the dell agent(dellomsa) or restart it?  Try installing
>OpenManage System Administrator.  You can find it @
> for DOMNA01.tar.  It should work.
>Joshua Giles
>ESG Systems Management Sr. Analyst
>Linux Operating System Development
>Joshua_Giles at
>Linux website @ dell =>

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