Dell Utilities partition (other issue)

Benito Venegas venevene at
Fri Mar 8 18:04:01 CST 2002

Thanks Michael for your suggestions.
The only problem it's I installed linux without boolader (just to test), 
and when I finished I wanted to boot into utility partition, and I only 
got  a message

Starting MS-DOS

in the screen and that's all. System freeze.


I boot with Dell Server assistance, I applyed create utility partition 
again (message: The utility partition has been updated) and I tryed 
again, and I got the same message.

Any idea?

Michael_E_Brown at wrote:
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>>Subject: Dell Utilities partition (other issue)
>>Dell gurues:
>>What's your recommendation for utility partition when you:
>>-Have two disks and you will create containers in RAID1
>>-Disks are replacement parts, so you need to start from zero (0)
>>-You want to install RH72
>>What's work better for system?
>>I  tryed with
>>-Create one 40 MB container in RAID1 for Utility Partition
>>-Create others 2 containers (OS and APPS)
>>-Use Dell Openmanager cd assistance to recreate  partition
>>-Test Utility Partition (works!!)
>>-Install RH72
> Two recommendations: First, you can use the Dell Server Assistant CD to
> install linux. Version 7 is the latest DSA, and it allows you to do quite a
> bit of customization of the install, for instance partitioning can be
> changed.
>>-Test Utility partition (fail partition not avaliable)
> Second recommendation is that you need to install the bootloader (grub or
> lilo) in the partition rather than in the MBR. If you install it in the MBR,
> your utility partition will not work.
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