omaws32 CPU hogs?!

Dirk Wetter dirkw at
Thu Mar 7 13:32:01 CST 2002

Hi Matt,

On Thu, 7 Mar 2002 Matt_Domsch at wrote:

> Do you need the remote management capability via a web browser on these
> systems?  If not, then you can stop the omaws32 service

yeah, this is what i am currently doing. for the non-hardcore non-cmdline
sysadmins ;-) it might be a useful addition though.

> On my system I see 41 omaws32 threads running, though they're all in S
> state, and none have any current CPU% or accumulated CPU time.  Since
> they're all threads, they share the same VM space, so it's not really
> 41*256K, it's only 256K used.

on my systems the threads have each like 10-20M RSS, SIZE is
~15-35M. memory is not the issue i think, also if the Linux threads
disguise themselves as processes (different PIDs) which initially
confused people here, other UNIXes are better with respect to
that. but what i do see is a performance impact, the simulations take
longer on systems where the web service is running. according to the
intial testing looks like if i run two big jobs (~1.5-2GB) on the 4GB
systems makes the omaws32 threads to use more CPU time.  a guess would
be that it is has something to do with the kernel or with the
software. if i find more out i post it to the list.

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