problems adding partition to Perc3/DC logical drive Matt_Domsch at
Thu Mar 7 13:27:00 CST 2002

> I've a 4400 with the Perc3/DC addapter on it.  I'm using a 
> raid 5 array with 100GB usable, 50GB partitioned now.

OK, let me make sure I understand.  You've got a logical drive, RAID5, say,
at /dev/sdb.
It's got one partition on it, 50GB, at /dev/sdb1.  So far so good.

> I added the partition using straight FDISK without a problem.

Is /dev/sdb1 mounted?  Then in fact, fdisk should have complained that it
couldn't "reread the partition table" after you created the second
partition.  An annoyance, since you didn't change the first partition
parameters, only created the second partition.  (There's hope that in kernel
2.5 this particular madness may disappear).

> I would like to create a 20GB 
> partition on the logical drive, but ever time I try, I get 
> the following error when formatting in ext2 
> mkfs.ext2: No such device or address while trying to 
> determine filesystem size

Sure.  You need to either:
1) unmount /dev/sdb1 and then re-run fdisk and change something (delete then
recreate the partition) so when you exit, fdisk is able to update the
kernel's idea of partitions.
2) reboot

Then you can mke2fs /dev/sdb2 just fine.

The kernel doesn't yet know about /dev/sdb2 because /dev/sdb1 was mounted,
thus the disk was in use, and the "reread the partition table IOCTL" failed.


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