PE 2550, RH 7.1 & Serial Console

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When I was reading the HOWTO documentation I noticed that the doc was
somewhat ambiguous on this so I tried it with the 81 at the end of the
serial line.  Unfortunately running the lilo command would fail if I used
the "1".   It didn't seem to matter in the append line as far as I could
tell.  In fact if I used a lilo.conf with only the serial= line and no
console info in the append line, it still would stop at the "LI" on reboot.
Marc Mondragon

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I haven't worked with setting up a console on a serial connection, but a
quick scan of the HOWTO shows that the serial= line and the console= section
of the append= line need to be the same.  According to what you have below
you have serial=1,9600n8, but your console=ttyS1,9600n81.  I'm wondering if
it's getting confused by the 1 at the end of your console line.

Just a thought. 

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I am in the process of connecting our 2550 servers to a Cyclades terminal 
server and I ran into a problem configuring this via lilo. 

If my lilo.conf looks like the setup below, it hangs after printing LI: 


        append="console=tty0 console=ttyS1,9600n81 reboot=bios,smp" 

If I comment of the serial= line it works fine.  This doesn't follow the 
examples in the excellent Remote Serial Console HOWTO by Glen Turner and I'm

somewhat confused as to what is the "proper" way to configure this.  I have 
a similar setup on a PE 2400 and the serial line doesn't affect it like the 
2550, is this something 2550 specific? 

For now, I have it commented out and I'm working fine but I'd like to know 
why I shouldn't use it since it seems to contradict the guides... 


Marc Mondragon 

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