Upgrading packages on powerapp

Carlos_Batista@Dell.com Carlos_Batista at Dell.com
Wed Mar 6 16:30:01 CST 2002

The PowerApp.web brings together several services in an easy to use
interface.  This convenience of integration also makes it challenging to
update independent packages, specially those that play a role, not only
providing services on the server but as a component of the administrative

We recently tested the ucd-snmp patch and the php patch.  The best way to
apply these are:
- locate your Resource CD ( version A02 )
- install the development environment as described in the howto folder (
/mnt/cdrom/linux/english/howto )
- download the source rpm from http://www.redhat.com/errata for ucd-snmp and
php ( use Red Hat 7.0 src versions )
- compile and install
- restart server

It is not possible to upgrade Apache at this time due to it's high level of
integration with FrontPage and Tomcat ( java servlets/jsp )and the high
probability of breaking these features.  The complexity associated with the
rebuilding and configuration process for these packages is beyond the scope
of the product's intended use.  

Hope this helps,

Carlos Batista
Technical Lead - PowerApp.web Linux
Dell Computer Corporation

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Forwarding to general, since powerapp list seems to be dead

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This list have been pretty quiet.. I hope someone is lurking here.

I've been looking through the standard packages on the powerapp.web 120, and
many of them are quite dated. (e.g. php 4.01 which now has a known sec flaw,
apache 1.3.14, etc.) Is it possible to upgrade these (rpm or source, doesn't
matter) without affecting the usability of the admin tool?

Dave Lee

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