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Soukup, Kevin (IL50) kevin.soukup at honeywell.com
Tue Mar 5 16:11:01 CST 2002

Greetings All,

I have 2-2550's that shipped from Dell within about a month of each other.
They're dual processor, PERC-3Di enabled with RAID 5 array and 2GB RAM. The
two servers were wiped clean and freshly installed from a Redhat 7.2 CD that
was built from an ISO. They're both currently running the 2.4.7-10enterprise
kernels. I did not do the fresh install, but let our SysAdmin do them for
me. I believe he tried to perform the exact same config to both servers, but
again, they were installed at different times. 

I'm using both servers for Oracle, one for production and the other for
development and testing. The production server has been ROCK-SOLID and I
have no complaints about the performance or stability. It really is working
well. I've been quite satisfied except for one odd situation. The
development server has frozen solid, locked so tight I couldn't do a thing,
on two different occasions. There is no way to shut it down, it just freezes
and I have to power it off. Luckily, I am not seeing this symptom on my
production box, but it does have me worried.

The only observable difference between the two servers is the use of swap.
The production server has 2GB memory and 2000MB SWAP. It  _never_  uses
swap, and only uses about 700MB RAM to begin with. I wouldn't expect it to
swap out since it has plenty of RAM in reserve.

The development has also has 2GB memory but a 2047MB swap file. It's using
only 500MB RAM, but for some crazy reason it keeps increasing the amount of
swap and doesn't appear to ever free it up. I don't understand why it would
use any swap at all since it has an abundance of free RAM at it's
finger-tips. I'm also wondering if this might be the cause of the lockups.

I have not been able to retrieve any information from the message log, and
I'm worried about this condition.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Soukup
E-mail:	kevin.soukup at honeywell.com

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