Perc 3/DC ina 1550 + RH 6.2

Richard Idalski ridalski at
Tue Mar 5 12:56:18 CST 2002

"That screen is poorly worded.  It doesn't really care where the
media is (at that point), you're going to use it for a different purpose -
to get the drivers loaded in the order you want.

Choose hard disk.  Choose SCSI.  Choose "megaraid" (at bottom of the list).
Then (when it doesn't find the installation media yet), it'll prompt you to
add additional drivers.  Choose CD-ROM, and go from there.

That will get the megaraid driver loaded, then install continues from the

When I choose Hard disk and go to the list of drivers to load there is no
new megariad option at the bottom, the only megaRAID option there is is :

 MegaRAID 418, 428, 438, 466, 762

 in the middle of all the other options. I'm assuming this is an older
supported MegaRAID driver since it doesn't work when I select it. The last
option on my lists ends up being WD7000.

I've tried both the driver disks stated earlier. Is there a step I'm
overlooking, or a different driver disk I need?

Richard Idalski
919.829.4805 (office)
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