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I'm using 7.2, just trying to get a network load going far enough to get the
system to an upgraded kernel.  I'm beginning to suspect hardware because our
6600 and every other broadcom nic we have seems to work fine.  After the
sytem is loaded it comes up with a more stable kernel (and broadcom driver).
It's just the getting it loaded part I'm having trouble with.

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What version of RedHat are you using?  I wouldn't use any BCM driver
before 7.3 .   It was pretty buggy then.

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i've found that if you build the 2.4.9-31BOOT (or later) boot tapes and
replace both the vmlinuz and the modules (unpack the modules.cgz ball, and 
recreate it) with the 2.4.9-31 ones it works like a charm.

if folks are still having problems, i can post an image/pointer to an image 

> I've modified the netboot diskette to include the bcm5700 driver.  My
> new network bootable diskette now boots 2550's (broadcom5700), 1650's 
> (dual intel e1000.o), 6600's (dual broadcom 5700).  When I try to boot

> the 2650, which supposedly uses the same nics as the 6600, the bcm5700

> module loads, but right after I get my dhcp information the nic light
> turns off, and stops working, until I reboot.  I don't have enough of 
> a system to see if get an interactive prompt to see if the module was
unloaded at this point.
> I've tried disabling the second nic in bios, but still have the same
> problem.  The system is at the a04 bios level (probably not relevant, 
> but 6600 is at a05), which according to the Dell web site is the 
> latest.  Has anyone else run into this?
> Thanks,
> Bill Stephens
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