Network Kickstart 2650

Craig I. Hagan hagan at
Tue Jul 23 14:56:01 CDT 2002

i've found that if you build the 2.4.9-31BOOT (or later) boot tapes
and replace both the vmlinuz and the modules (unpack the modules.cgz ball, and 
recreate it) with the 2.4.9-31 ones it works like a charm.

if folks are still having problems, i can post an image/pointer to an image 

> I've modified the netboot diskette to include the bcm5700 driver.  My new
> network bootable diskette now boots 2550's (broadcom5700), 1650's (dual
> intel e1000.o), 6600's (dual broadcom 5700).  When I try to boot the 2650,
> which supposedly uses the same nics as the 6600, the bcm5700 module loads,
> but right after I get my dhcp information the nic light turns off, and stops
> working, until I reboot.  I don't have enough of a system to see if get an
> interactive prompt to see if the module was unloaded at this point.  
> I've tried disabling the second nic in bios, but still have the same
> problem.  The system is at the a04 bios level (probably not relevant, but
> 6600 is at a05), which according to the Dell web site is the latest.  Has
> anyone else run into this?
> Thanks,
> Bill Stephens
> Bill.stephens at
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