Multiple Interfaces Issue

Philip Rowlands phr at
Mon Dec 30 20:36:00 CST 2002

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, Marco Obaid wrote:

>My ifcfg-eth0 is as follows:

You don't need the BROADCAST or NETWORK settings - ifup works them out
for you using NETMASK.

>All I need is to configure another NIC with this address:
>Sounds pretty straight forward but I am not able to make it work ...
>I copy ifcfg-eth0 to ifcfg-eth1 and edit it appropriately. As soon as I do a
>restart or do /etc/init.d/network restart , I lose one of the IP addresses. For
>example, I will only be able to ping and not

Stupid question: you change "DEVICE=eth0", don't you?

Please post ifcfg-eth0, ifcfg-eth1, and the output of 'ifconfig -a'.



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