Upgrading RAC firmware on 90 PE2650's

Vincent_Valdez@Dell.com Vincent_Valdez at Dell.com
Thu Dec 26 15:46:00 CST 2002

The racadm utility is actually installed via the racser-devel package.  You
can verify with:

#rpm -qpl racser-devel-x.x.x.rpm

However, in order to install this rpm, you'll need to also install:


These can both be found in sa471/linux directory.  

If you don't want the entire Server Administrator installed, then do a
"--nodeps".  Otherwise, you'll need to install

#rpm -ivh --nodeps dellomsa-* 

Now you can install the racser-devel package, and racadm should be installed
to /usr/sbin/racadm

Sample syntax if you had the firmware unpacked into a directory:

#racadm fwupdate -p -u -d /path/to/firmimg.bm1/

You can then check the status of the process with:

#racadm fwupdate -s

After it is flashed (less than 5 minutes), it should return

"FWUPD_STATUS_OK fwupdate completed successfully"

You can then verify with 

#racadm getsysinfo | grep Version

Thank you,

Vinny Valdez, RHCE
Network Engineer

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>Subject: RE: Upgrading RAC firmware on 90 PE2650's
>OK, I managed to install racser-src-1.3-1.src.rpm and it's running:
># service racser status
>racser driver loaded properly
>pppd (pid 2491) is running...
>But I don't see any racadm utility installed anywhere, nor can 
>I find a racadm RPM on the OM cd.  All I can find is a man 
>page for racadm:
># find / -name "racadm*" -print 
>Where do I find the racadm utility?
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>Subject: RE: Upgrading RAC firmware on 90 PE2650's
>You can do this with the "racadm" utility that is installed 
>with openmanage. You can type "racadm help fwupdate" for 
>syntax.  You can script this if you put the firmware on a tftp 
>server, and point all the servers to it.
>If you just want the racadm utility and don't have openmanage 
>installed, you'll have to install it out of the 
>Thank you,
>Vinny Valdez, RHCE
>Network Engineer
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>>Subject: Upgrading RAC firmware on 90 PE2650's
>>Hi all,
>>We have 90 PE2650's with RAC cards, all of which are running
>>RedHat 7.3 with a custom kernel.  I need to upgrade the RAC 
>>firmware from 1.06 to1.22 to deal with some bogus sensor 
>>errors.  I really don't want to have to reboot every machine 
>>with floppys in them or log into the RAC of each one and 
>>manually tftp the new firmware image.  Is there any way that I 
>>could automate this process?
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