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Thu Dec 26 15:37:00 CST 2002

Hello world,

  We have a Dell PowerEdge 2500 with PERC 3/Di ROMB (RAID-on-motherboard).  
It had a RAID container (logical volume) consisting of three 18 GB disks.  
We added a fourth 18 GB disk and would like to expand the RAID container to
use the new disk as well.  Then we can use existing Linux tools to resize
the data filesystem to use the new space as well.  The problem is, I can't
figure out how to do that.

  There is no option in the [CTRL]+[A] BIOS utility to resize a container.  
I can create/delete, but not resize.

  The documentation for the "afacli" command seems to indicate that one can
issue a "container extend" command to resize an existing container.  
However, that command does not appear to actually exist.  It does not show
in the help screens, and typing it in anyway results in an "Unrecognized
subcommand" error.

  Information I found elsewhere on the web indicates that "container
reconfigure ..." would reconfigure a container to use a new disk.  I tried
it, and it worked -- sort of.  Now the container is spread across all four
disks, but it did not actually get any larger.  I just have 16 GB of
unallocated space on all disks now.

  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  The system is currently running Red Hat Linux 6.2, with a custom-built
2.2.20 kernel.  Upgrading the system to 7.3 is not out of the question, if
it will make things work.

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