Moving server to hardware RAID

Joshua Daniel Franklin joshua at
Mon Dec 23 12:12:01 CST 2002

I am planning for moving a RedHat 7.2 installation on a PowerEdge
1400SC over to hardware RAID. The machine has a DLT drive and less
than 20GB of data on the current drive. I have the drives and a
megaraid card all ready to go, and I am trying to determine the best
way to backup/restore the data with minimal downtime.

I feel that dump/restore would be best but since the RedHat "linux rescue"
mode does not have the "restore" command it looks like I would have to
reinstall RH7.2 before doing the restore. That seems like a lot of time.
I would like to be able to boot from removable media, create partitions,
format, restore, done.

Does anyone have recommendations of available tools, or a better
way to do this?

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Network Administrator

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