Upgrading RAC firmware on 90 PE2650's

Bruce Pennypacker bpennypacker at askjeeves.com
Sun Dec 22 16:14:01 CST 2002

OK, I managed to install racser-src-1.3-1.src.rpm and it's running:

# service racser status
racser driver loaded properly
pppd (pid 2491) is running...

But I don't see any racadm utility installed anywhere, nor can I find a
racadm RPM on the OM cd.  All I can find is a man page for racadm:

# find / -name "racadm*" -print

Where do I find the racadm utility?


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You can do this with the "racadm" utility that is installed with openmanage.
You can type "racadm help fwupdate" for syntax.  You can script this if you
put the firmware on a tftp server, and point all the servers to it.

If you just want the racadm utility and don't have openmanage installed,
you'll have to install it out of the racxx/linux/racser-src-x.x.x-src.rpm

Thank you,

Vinny Valdez, RHCE
Network Engineer

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>Subject: Upgrading RAC firmware on 90 PE2650's
>Hi all,
>We have 90 PE2650's with RAC cards, all of which are running 
>RedHat 7.3 with a custom kernel.  I need to upgrade the RAC 
>firmware from 1.06 to1.22 to deal with some bogus sensor 
>errors.  I really don't want to have to reboot every machine 
>with floppys in them or log into the RAC of each one and 
>manually tftp the new firmware image.  Is there any way that I 
>could automate this process?
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