Kernel Panic: APIC timing problems...

darren teodarren at
Sat Dec 21 21:10:01 CST 2002

Hi all,

I am using a Poweredge 2650 with 2 x 2.0GHz CPU.

With Red-hat 7.3 SMP kernel and a stock 2.4.19 SMP kernel, I sometimes
get a "Kernel panic: APIC timing problems..." after the "calibration
loop" thing.

However, it only happens when I just boot the server for the first time
in the day. After it has "warmed up"...i dun get it anymore.

The warm-up part may be my own imagination...i am really not sure why it
happens...theres no problem for the non-smp kernels, whether 2.4.18 or

Any ideas??

Merry X'mas from Singapore,

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