change SCSI id's of drive in peripheral bay?

James Hall jfhall8 at
Sat Dec 21 10:48:00 CST 2002

I would run the 2 drives in the peripheral bay as a RAID1 for your OS
either via a SCSI port or the embedded RAID option. You can then run a
RAID0/5/10/50 on your 1x8 or 2x4 backplane using the add-in RAID card.
You can get a 2x4 configuration by splitting the backplane. To split the
backplane it requires a daughter card and 2 SCSI cables as well as 2
FREE independent SCSI or RAID channels. You can span the array across
the channels on the same raid controller. This will theoretically give
you best performance. If you need more storage I recommend getting a
PV220S this can hold 14 36GB HDDs running at 15K RPM. 

There is no chaining option to take a channel of the RAID controller and
run a 3 drop cable. The 2550 and 2450 have this capability with a 1x1
cage. You can go with a 3rd party cage but that is an untested
configuration. I am more worried about the SCSI cables required to make
that work than the 3rd party cage. Good Luck!


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On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, at 4:20pm, alazarev at wrote:
> the raid controller has only 2 internal channels.

  Oh yeah.  I forgot about that.  :-(

  I suppose you could run a cable from one of the four external
and loop it back into the inside of the case through an empty expansion
slot...  ;-)

> the last thing i need to do is void the 3 year warranty we got on this
> boy. i wonder if i put a 3rd party cage in there, dell might freek,
> understandibly.

  Well, they might not support the third-party cage, but they really
shouldn't have any complaint about the rest of the system, or the drives
it, just because there is a third-party product in the system.  But, I
ya on the support thing.  Sometimes, you just don't want to go there.

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