Linux crashing on PE 2650 Matt_Domsch at
Sat Dec 21 01:43:00 CST 2002

> We just purchased another lot of Linux servers from DELL and 
> for the first time we are having serious problems.  I 
> installed Red Hat Linux 7.3 shipped with the boxes and 
> upgraded all packages, including the kernel to ver. 
> 2.4.18-18.7.  Yesterday one of the boxes crashed (hung).  No 
> response from keyboard, mouse or network (ping).

Yes, that's the tg3 bug in that kernel, supposed to be fixed in -19*.
Temporary workaround is to switch tg3 to bcm5700 in /etc/modules.conf and

> This morning I upgraded the kernel to 2.4.18-19.7 on another box 
> (also PE 2650) and it just crashed locking the screen!

That's bad.  Can you hook up a serial console (howto at, capture the
oops to another machine, (I assume it oopses, if not boot with
nmi_watchdog=1 on the kernel command line too), run the oops text through
ksymoops, and post it here?  That's the info we need to see where it crashed
and why.


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