PowerEdge 2450

Cockcroft, Philip [CCS] P.Cockcroft at lmu.ac.uk
Fri Dec 20 16:46:01 CST 2002

Thanks for all the suggestions about using the rescue part of the 6.2 installation disk.  Yes that option is available, but the drivers the load the perc raid controller is not on the installation discs but on a floppy.

When I run the rescue option I just can't get the perc drivers to load so I can't access the discs.

When I run linux dd I can load the drivers but it keeps going into install, and I can't seem to crash out into a working shell, and then mount the root system to fix it.

I'm hoping that I can somehow get to the disk and so fix Lilo, rather than start again with a clean install and trying to get the backup onto it and working again.

Philip Cockcroft 

Infrastructure Consultant 
Leeds Metropolitan University 
Calverley Street 
Leeds LS1 3HE 

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