errata kernel 2.4.18-19* fixes ext3 data-journaling data loss and tg3 hang

John McMonagle johnm at
Fri Dec 20 15:41:00 CST 2002

I'm really curious how this will run on the PE2650.
Unfortunately It will be quite a while before I can try it :(

I'm beginning to suspect that the 2.4.18-17.7.x kernel has serious problems.

Since I upgraded my workstation to 2.4.18-17.7.x  been having many X related 
lockups. I even changed the video card but didn't help.

I went back to 2.4.18-3 that I had patched by hand to get it to work properly 
with it's ak77-333 motherboard. It worked just fine.

I then installed 2.4.18-19.7.x and it's working fine also.

Hoping 2.4.18-19.7.x will fix the X lockups on the 2650. Not exactly 100% the 
same symptoms. On my workstation the lockups were 100%. On the 2650 just X locks 
up. Also on the 2650 it seems like only screen savers kill X.


Matt_Domsch at wrote:
> (I haven't tested this myself yet, but RH says it's fixed, so I'm letting
> you know ASAP.  Use RHN to update.  Happy Holidays! -Matt)
> New kernel fixes ext3 data-journaling data loss and tg3 hang

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