PE 1650 + Tape Drive devnull at
Fri Dec 20 09:09:00 CST 2002

> i don't believe so no.  AFAIK there is no "pass through" support for the
> the perc3/di under linux to attach tape drives while it is raid configured.
Maybe i will switch off raid from the BIOS.

> that might work, but i still don't like your chances for success.   for attaching
> external tape devices Dell has always specified a separate (appropriate) scsi
> card.

> it might be that you can use the external scsi port (which should be
> non raid, aic 7889 (?) to connect the drive but..
I am thinking about trying it and seeing what happens.

> one other thing - most tape libraries use HVD interfaces.  i would confirm
> that your device is indeed SE/LVD before you plug it into the 1650 scsi bus
> otherwise you risk damaging the scsi interface and/or your system.
This is LVD. Thanks.


devnull at

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