Hot-pluggable ps2 ports

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Fri Dec 20 03:38:01 CST 2002


> this is just a wild guess, i think there might be a way of
> finding this out if you search for the technical specs on a
> PE which should say it supports the PC98 standard (including
> ps/2 etc) and then search for the PC98 standard definition
> which should mention hotplug support ?

I found a copy of the PC98 specification lurking here:

It's linked off this page as a self-extracting zipped MS Word document,
along with PC97, PC99, PC2001 and a few other related specs.

I had a quick look, but couldn't find any specific mention of 'hot-plug'
under the chapter concerning mouse and keyboard I/O ports. The only thing I
could see that might be related is this:

"Use an 8042 chip (or equivalent) to ensure compatibility with Windows. In
most cases, the existing 8042 keyboard port is sufficient; the chip
initiates a PIC-based IRQ 12 interrupt when the pointing device is

Oh, and finally, here's a link to the official Intel/Microsoft PC Design
Guide web site:


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