PE 1650 + Tape Drive

jason andrade jason at
Thu Dec 19 18:07:00 CST 2002

On Thu, 19 Dec 2002 devnull at wrote:

> We bought a new Quantum ATL M1500 tape library that i would like to hook
> up to this machine. Can i do this via the PERC 3/Di.

i don't believe so no.  AFAIK there is no "pass through" support for the
the perc3/di under linux to attach tape drives while it is raid configured.

> Would i need to "break" the RAID on the PERC 3/Di and make it SCSI via the
> BIOS ? Are both the channels either "raid" or "scsi" at the same time, but
> never both.

that might work, but i still don't like your chances for success.   for attaching
external tape devices Dell has always specified a separate (appropriate) scsi
card.  it might be that you can use the external scsi port (which should be
non raid, aic 7889 (?) to connect the drive but..

one other thing - most tape libraries use HVD interfaces.  i would confirm
that your device is indeed SE/LVD before you plug it into the 1650 scsi bus
otherwise you risk damaging the scsi interface and/or your system.



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