PE 1650 + Tape Drive devnull at
Thu Dec 19 17:04:00 CST 2002

This might be common knowledge. I need some light..

I have a PE 1650 with a PERC 3/Di and a PERC 3/DC card.

I have 2 18G SCSI drives hooked to the PERC 3/DI(mirroring using RAID).
Powervault 220S goes to the PERC 3/DC

We bought a new Quantum ATL M1500 tape library that i would like to hook
up to this machine. Can i do this via the PERC 3/Di.

Would i need to "break" the RAID on the PERC 3/Di and make it SCSI via the
BIOS ? Are both the channels either "raid" or "scsi" at the same time, but
never both.

There is no data yet on this machine, so i am open to all available



devnull at

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