Hot-pluggable ps2 ports

jason andrade jason at
Thu Dec 19 16:51:00 CST 2002

On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:

> I read somewhere a while ago that many (most?) motherboards
> built in the last few years support hot-pluggable ps2 ports
> and that it is up to the OS to actually implement this.
> Does anyone know if the PowerEdge line supports this in hardware?
> Really I'm looking for a link that I can show my boss and
> coworkers.

i have hot plugged in keyboards and mice on a range of PE
servers without any issues.  but "support" might also be
required by the OS - windows has traditionally had some
issues with unplugging the mouse for example.

this is just a wild guess, i think there might be a way of
finding this out if you search for the technical specs on a
PE which should say it supports the PC98 standard (including
ps/2 etc) and then search for the PC98 standard definition
which should mention hotplug support ?



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