PE 2650

jason andrade jason at
Thu Dec 19 16:48:01 CST 2002

On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, Frank H. Pierce wrote:

> last week we got a PE 2650, 2 1.8Ghz, 1GB RAM and 2x36 GB RAID 1 that's
> running Redhat 7.3.

nice configuration.

> Some of the stuff I'd like to know is.
> What do I need to specially compile inn or make modules of when
> building a new kernel?

this is quite a difficult question to answer in detail.  the simple answer
is "whatever you need to support the machine and your applications"

e.g, you might not need ISDN modules, or EISA support or sound card support
but you do need SCSI disks, ethernet support etc.

unless you are willing to spend the time to work out what you do and don't
need it might be better to just run a "stock" kernel, albeit a later errata
than what redhat 7.3 was released with.

2.4.18-18.7.x is the latest errata kernel at this point.

> Is there a url with precompiled kernels for the 2650?

the 2650 runs the standard redhat kernels.  you can get these from your
closest redhat mirror, have a look at

you would normally be looking for something like


> Besides ethernet drivers is there any other drivers I need to get?

i would recommend you look at Jeff Garzik's "fixed" tg3 1.2 drivers
which he has made available.

> And finally can I run RH8.0?

yep, but is there a reason to run with RH8 at this point - i.e is there
some additional functionality or application requirement for it ?

i am sure RH8 will improve over time but installing it now requires a
larger commitment in sysadmin time and effort than 7.3.



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