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Thu Dec 19 15:50:01 CST 2002

On Thu, 19 Dec 2002 gpar007 at postmark.net wrote:

> I disabled my PERC 4/Di Raid because there are no drivers for Red Hat AS 
> 2.1. I simply made them 4 SCSI drives. Red Hat AS 2.1 still don't install. 

Unfortunately, true.  AS2.1 doesn't natively contain drivers for the LSI 
1030 SCSI solution either.  (This problem is typical of trying to support 
hardware that's newer than the software.)

> I did a low level format as instructed by Dell tech support.

OK, doesn't hurt, but that isn't the cause of your problems.

> Do I still need drivers for the LSI card for Red Hat AS 2.1?  I was
> given the idea that it will be just ne a normal SCSI card. Thanks for
> your ideas.

It is a normal SCSI controller, but alas, is also newer than AS2.1 knows 
about.  Same situation as the PERC 4/Di, we're in the process of 
validating a driver for this combination, it's not yet been released to 

Given the upcoming holidays, it will be January before this all gets 
straightened out.


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