1650 w/ians

Brian E. Seppanen seppy at chartermi.net
Thu Dec 19 14:59:01 CST 2002

You need to configure the teams with procfg, and to use procfgd you have
to use the intel specific drivers, and not the ones that come with
redhat-7.3.   It's pretty trivial to create a new rpm from the intel
download.   Download the documentation from intel for procfgd and you'll
have no problems.   I have an AFT team on a 1650.   Of course I'm still
using 2.4.18-10smp still, so your milage may vary.

Hope that helps.

On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, Carl Chandler wrote:

> I am trying to install iANS on two PowerEdge 1650
> servers.  I am following the White Paper from Dell,
> everything works fine until you attempt to add one of
> the NIC’s to the team.  This is the error that I
> receive when I attempt to add one of the NIC’s to the
> team:
> Error:  Intel Advanced Networking Service (iANS) has
> determined that you have selected network adapters
> that are not eligible to participate as members of a
> IANS team.  Please install Intel Server Adapters in
> your system and reinstall the advanced server
> features.
> I have Red Hat Linux 7.3 w/kernel 2.4.18-18.7,
> E1000-4.4.12 drivers and iANS-2.0.7 software. The
> NIC’s are reporting themselves as Intel 82544EI.  Here
> is the sequence of commands that I enter:
> ianscfg –a –t team1 –M (Tried AFT and ALB)
> ianscfg –a –t team1 –V
> ianscfg –a –t team1 –v vadpt1
> ianscfg –a –t team1 –m eth0 (This is where I receive
> the above error)
> ianscfg –s (Team created, mux not running and virtual
> adapter created)
> ifconfig –a (Devices for eth0, eht1, ians and lo are
> present)
> Both servers are responding the same. Are the NIC’s
> compatible with the iANS software?  If any one has any
> insight to this problem assistance would be
> appreciated.  THANKS in advance.
> Carl
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