1650 w/ians

Carl Chandler cchandler256 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 19 14:10:00 CST 2002

I am trying to install iANS on two PowerEdge 1650
servers.  I am following the White Paper from Dell,
everything works fine until you attempt to add one of
the NIC’s to the team.  This is the error that I
receive when I attempt to add one of the NIC’s to the

Error:  Intel Advanced Networking Service (iANS) has
determined that you have selected network adapters
that are not eligible to participate as members of a
IANS team.  Please install Intel Server Adapters in
your system and reinstall the advanced server

I have Red Hat Linux 7.3 w/kernel 2.4.18-18.7,
E1000-4.4.12 drivers and iANS-2.0.7 software. The
NIC’s are reporting themselves as Intel 82544EI.  Here
is the sequence of commands that I enter:

ianscfg –a –t team1 –M (Tried AFT and ALB)

ianscfg –a –t team1 –V

ianscfg –a –t team1 –v vadpt1

ianscfg –a –t team1 –m eth0 (This is where I receive
the above error)  

ianscfg –s (Team created, mux not running and virtual
adapter created)

ifconfig –a (Devices for eth0, eht1, ians and lo are

Both servers are responding the same. Are the NIC’s
compatible with the iANS software?  If any one has any
insight to this problem assistance would be
appreciated.  THANKS in advance.


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