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Frank H. Pierce frank.pierce at
Thu Dec 19 13:05:00 CST 2002

This is my first post here. I usually work with Sun and Solaris but 
last week we got a PE 2650, 2 1.8Ghz, 1GB RAM and 2x36 GB RAID 1 that's 
running Redhat 7.3.

I installed 8.0 on Tuesday  but it crashed the first night so i thought 
maybe there was a reason for Dell saying they only support RH up to 
7.3. I installed  7.3 followed the instructions and used the server cd. 
Everything seemed to work but after a couple of hours it went down 

I've done a fast scan of the archives and found the 
Bcom_LAN_60_RH73_rpm drivers and the instructions to change.
alias eth0 tg3
alias eth0 bcm5700?

It's still up now but I don't trust it yet.

Anyway I was hoping someone here is running a PE2650 with RH and could 
give me the benefits of their experiences.

Some of the stuff I'd like to know is.
What do I need to specially compile inn or make modules of when 
building a new kernel?
Is there a url with precompiled kernels for the 2650?
Besides ethernet drivers is there any other drivers I need to get?
And finally can I run RH8.0?

If anyone can help me with these questions it would be a great help and 
save me a lot of time.

Frank Holton Pierce
IT-Seksjonen v/HF
Universitetet i Bergen
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