Hyper-threading under Linux

Eric Wood eric at interplas.com
Thu Dec 19 07:54:01 CST 2002

Also, read

to find out why MS will force you to upgrade to a .NET server to take
advantage of HT.  Sounds like MS won't backport a fix for Windows 2000.
This only affirms why opensource deserves more recognition.  Quite canny,
according to the article, how Intel is implementing Win2000 corporate wide
and they won't even benefit from their own technology.

-eric wood
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> 3) Each virtual processor may consume a software licence for your
> application! If you have a 2-cpu licence for an application and run it on
> system with 4 virtual processors, you might a) run out of licences, b)
> your two processes fighting for resource on 1 physical processor, c) get
> half the performance you would get with HT off.
> Steve Smith

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