NIC driver for 1650

Gabor Kovacs koga at
Thu Dec 19 04:45:00 CST 2002

Matt_Domsch at wrote:

> Dell hasn't tested a 2.2.x series kernel on the PE1650, so we don't have a
> comment on the proper driver for it either.  Red Hat Linux 7.1 was the first
> release supported on that platform, which had a 2.4.x kernel; prior kernels
> and releases are officially unsupported, though you may be able to make it
> work, and this list is appropriate for such informal questions/answers.

Thanks Matt.

2.2.x (so RedHat 7.0) is required because the application we use is 
working only with 2.2.x. So, i think i should try a newer Intel driver 
(and kernel) :)


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