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Wed Dec 18 11:32:01 CST 2002

> I have bought a new PowerEdge 2600 with a PERC 4/Di and I am 
> trying to 
> install Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1. RHAS will not recognize 
> my Hard Drives 
> what must I do. Is there a driver that I can download for 
> RHAS 2.1 from 
> Dell. I see in Dell Download area is driver for RH7.2/7.3. I 
> for PERC 4/Di.

Dell is in the process of validating a driver for this combination of
hardware, but it's not yet ready to be released to customers.

The megaraid driver basically has three distinct code branches at this

1) stock kernel 2.4.21pre includes megaraid 1.18f, which is basically in
low-effort maintenance mode, seeking to keep the 2.4.x stable kernel stable.

2) Development kernel 2.5.50-ac includes megaraid 2.00 which builds on the
heavy cleanup done by Red Hat for AS2.1.  There is also a backport of this
as 'megaraid2' to the 2.4.x kernel.  This is the future direction of

3) Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1 has a heavily modified and cleaned up
version of the megaraid 1.18 driver.  For enterprise-level stability, AS
aims to *not* make drastic changes following a release, so our effort there
will be twofold:
  a) Update the existing megaraid driver to recognize newer supported
hardware (add PCI IDs), but keep changes to a minimum
  b) Add the megaraid 2.00 driver as 'megaraid2' to take advantage of the
cleanup and new features needed to support High Availability clustering, but
don't make this the default driver.

It's this third step that we're working with Red Hat and LSI to complete
prior to being able to claim support for the PE2600 with Advanced Server 2.1
using the ROMB.  For an enterprise-class OS, we feel it must be fully stable
and supportable prior to releasing it to our customers, and are told
regularly that is what customers want.

In the interim, Red Hat Linux 7.3 and 8.0 are viable options on the PE2600,
please consider using them until Advanced Server 2.1 support is available.


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