Updated to RH 8.0 last weekend and....

Brian E. Seppanen seppy at chartermi.net
Tue Dec 17 14:36:00 CST 2002

Check this out from www.rpm.org

Status and Versions
The current release, RPM-4.1, shipped in Red Hat Linux 8.0, and has
growing pains. Some people are experiencing symptoms of a 'hung' process.
See: here for a discussion and fix. See also generally: here for other

The current latest production release is: 4.1 (ftp). RPM-4.1 made its
first production release September 17, 2002.

The next developmental release will be at: 4.2 (not yet there). The stated
early (10 November 2002) roadmap for that new release is to include:
a) file classes (think: sanitized file (1) output in dictionary, per-file
index). b) file color bits (think: 1=elf32, 2=elf64). c) attaching
dependencies to files, so that a refcount is computible. d) replacing
find-{provides,requires} with internal elfutils/file-3.39. e) install
policy based on file color bits f) --excludeconfig like --excludedocs with
the added twist that an internal Provides: will be turned off, exposing a
Requires:. This will provide a means to install all %config files from a
separate package if/when necessary. and teaching tripwire to read file
MD5's from an rpm database.

Maybe that's the problem.

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Eric Wood wrote:

> Not so much a Dell issue but I upgraded a PE2400 system last weekend from a
> RH 7.0 to 8.0 and the installer just stopped in the middle of installing
> packages with messages like:
> depcheck: package kpackage needs libkdecore.so.2 (not provided)
> ....
> ....
> depcheck: package kpackage needs librpmio.so.0 (not provided).
> I had to reboot and do a fresh install.
> Now, even with a fresh install, I registered with RHN, and up2date got hung
> while installing the latest fetchmail update.  I've seen many complaints
> about 8.0's rpm system on the psyche mailing list.
> I know, it's .0 release. Ughhhh.
> -eric wood
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